Heavenly Hydrangeas

Festive Flowers for all Occasions

Heavenly Hydrangeas - Festive Flowers for all Occasions


Heavenly Hydrangeas, LLC is a full service floral design studio serving the metro Washington, DC area.  Elegant, exuberant, unexpected — define Heavenly Hydrangeas’ distinctive aesthetic. Proprietor Susie Poneman, ‘thinks outside the vase’, designing elegant yet slightly off-kilter compositions, mixing the unusual with the classics.  She develops long-term relationships with her discerning clientele and remains committed to their loyalty.

Clients applaud Heavenly Hydrangeas for their “most imaginative and lush floral arrangements.”  Complete client satisfaction is guaranteed.

A percentage of profits is donated annually to the  AnBryce Foundation  where Susie teaches floral design workshops at Camp Dogwood Academy and The Saturday Institute.

A long-time client recently gave us the highest compliment: ” We are grateful for your beautiful gift that makes others happy! ”