Heavenly Hydrangeas

Festive Flowers for all Occasions

Heavenly Hydrangeas - Festive Flowers for all Occasions


       Small Group

Our workshops are filled with buckets of glorious blooms and creative fun! Learn floral design basics, advanced techniques or specific floristry skills.  Explore color themes, companion flowers and texture diversity while creating one or two bouquets to take home. We tailor workshops to your interests and hold them at our McLean studio, your home/office or abroad. We hope to inspire in students understanding and a sense of wonder, discovery, and respect for our natural world.

Lizzy Conroy, Vice President HBC Group Keller Williams says:  “Heavenly Hydrangeas’ arrangements are true works of art.  Their one-of-a-kind designs fill a space with color, whimsy, light, and joy.  And my friends are still talking about the fabulous workshop we had!”


Fees range from $ 195-  to $ 495- per student, depending on class size (1 to 20 students), and length, (2 to 4 hours). Workshops are social and informative — we promise students will go home happy and proud of their floral creations.

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