Tapping into Talent Worldwide: Start-Ups Riding Canva Wave

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In the ever-changing business scene, Canva, the big shot in design platforms, is showing the ropes to start-ups keen on spreading their wings globally. Manila, the go-to outsourcing hub, is in focus, with Canva strategically building its team there since 2014. What makes this trend cool is that these start-ups aren’t just shipping jobs overseas to save a buck; they’re growing both in Australia and around the world.

Canva Shifting Gears: Offshoring Picks Up Steam

Normally, big corporations are the ones shipping jobs overseas to cut costs. But check this out – the Aussie start-up crew, including big names like Eucalyptus, SafetyCulture, Employment Hero, and Linktree, is flipping the script. They’re diving into southeast Asia, all hyped up by Canva’s success in stacking up an 850-strong team in Manila.

Balancing Act: All About That Profit

The game-changer here is the move towards profit-driven operations. Companies like Influx, kicking it in Melbourne, notice tech companies getting savvy about optimizing their models for more cash. In the quest for steady growth, these start-ups are eyeing spots where they can hire talent 50% to 70% cheaper than back home in Australia.

The Canva Way: Growing Everywhere

Canva, holding it down in Manila, doesn’t see hiring offshore as a speed bump to local hiring. Jennie Rogerson, Canva’s Human Resources Chief, says their Manila team is like the secret sauce, handling everything from various functions to global operations. In 2023, Canva dropped 1100 new hires in Australia, proving they’re all about growing on every front.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Canva as the Mentor

Start-ups like Eucalyptus and SafetyCulture are soaking up Canva’s wisdom on the ins and outs of hiring in Manila. Eucalyptus spilled the beans on their global team growing by 60%, Manila included, with Canva giving them the lowdown behind the scenes. And then, SafetyCulture, rocking 120 heads in Manila, gives a nod to Canva for guiding them through this smart move.

Global Squad: Tips for Success

SafetyCulture’s spokesperson shouts out the Aussie tech fam, where companies swap secrets and know-hows. And then, riding this wave, start-ups scoop up some golden advice, paving the way for offshore wins. Employment Hero, flexing as a $1.2 billion HR software star, has its crew in Manila and acts as the legal employer for outsourced roles, taking Aussie companies global.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Employment Hero’s Win

Employment Hero’s stats tell a rad story of offshore success. Sales gigs shot up nine times, operations roles spiked by 82%, and tech gigs went through the roof in the past two years. And then, it’s proof that a well-played offshoring game fuels rapid growth for start-ups.

Local Vibes: Canva Manila Team and Southeast Asia

Canva’s Manila crew isn’t just a money-saving move; they’re on a mission to support users in southeast Asia. Furthermore, Jennie Rogerson makes it clear Canva hasn’t officially schooled other start-ups, stressing the need to keep roles local. Yani Hornilla-Donato, Canva’s bigwig in the Philippines, spills that Filipino creativity is the secret sauce, testing out new designs and projects before they hit the big stage.

In this wild business world where global talent is the real MVP, Aussie start-ups are boldly stepping into new territories, guided by trailblazers like Canva. And then, the work future is looking borderless, and these crews are front and center, shaping the story of a global business crew.